"There is a special place we can go... It's a place where instruments from around the world play together for peace and harmony... a place where music bubbles up spontaneously from stillness, to rise and fall like ocean waves... a place where the song plays the people, instead of the people playing the song... It's this special place improvisational healing group Tranceformation has been exploring since 2004, transporting audiences right along with them.
Up for a visit?"

written by Cole Hons

Tranceformation is a State College musical group devoted to creating music in the moment for healing, transformation and joy. Using instruments from around the world and around the home, they delight, inspire and challenge their audiences to find rhythm and music all around them. The members include Chris Bittner, Jennifer Bittner, Marty Gillespie & Carol Lindsay. Their combined musical careers span more than 160 years and the music genres from classical, rock, African, celtic, folk, world and jazz. Over the years, they have performed at the PA Festival of the Arts, People's Choice Festival, Centre County Grange Fair, Lebanon College, First Night State College, East West Crossings Tea & Book Store and the Center for Well-Being.

Contact - Carol Lindsay 814-237-8450

Rhythm Play was formed by Marty Gillespie & Carol Lindsay to bring music, rhythm and fun to people of all ages. It is based on the concept of the drum circle where everyone in the circle gets to choose their instrument, find their "voice" through that instrument and create a symphony of sound and rhythm together. Participants are seated in chairs in a circle with the instruments, which we provide, in the center.

Benefits of the drum circle:
Fun, self expression, stress reduction, social interaction, community building, develop eye/hand co-ordination, builds self-esteem, encourages creativity, strengthens motor skills, exercise for the mind/body/spirit, multi-generational family activity.

We are available for conferences, retreats, lunch time stress reduction sessions, business team building exercises, parties for kids of all ages and celebrations of any kind.


Bioluminescence musicians Carol Lindsay & Marty Gillespie have a combined musical career of over a century. Devoted to music and their spiritual paths, they create music in the moment for growth, healing, peace, reflection and relaxation. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. Carol & Marty's intention is to allow the light within them to ignite and fuel the light within their listeners through their music. These pieces were recorded only once with no rehearsal and it is important for the listener to know that "perfect music" is not their goal but rather music that works the energy field to release and unfold its highest potential. As you listen to these pieces, simply focus inward and allow movement within you to occur.

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