HummingbirdWoman Rest & Restore
Energy Healing Session (60-70 minutes)$100
(each additional 10 minutes)$10
LaStone Hot Rock Therapy (90 minutes)$140
Infrared Sauna (10 minute session)$15
(20 minute session)$25
(30 minute session)$35
Bed & Breakfast in conjunction with other services$75
Includes access to the spiritual library and meditation garden
with the stone circle and waterfall.

Come for a few hours, overnight or a weekend! Together we will create a healing & nurturing experience for you.

Healing Energywork - a combination of Therapeutic Touch, Brennan Healing Science, sound healing and shamanic practices designed to bring balance and health to the energy field and energy centers (chakras), thereby enhancing one's overall well-being. Each session is created in partnership with the client for self-discovery and to awaken the healer within. Fee: 60 - 70 minute session ~ $100; $10 for each 10 minutes after that

Long Distance or Remote Healing - energy follows thought thereby allowing healing to happen at a distance. In this session, the healing work as described above, is performed at a distance beginning with a phone call to establish what the need is. The client lies down in a quiet place while I work with them from my healing space. There is another phone call at the end of the session to discuss the healing. Fee: 1 hour session ~ $100; 1 ½ hour session ~ $130

LaStone Hot Rock Therapy - a contemporary approach to an ancient technique. Based on thermotherapy, it uses smooth basalt hot rocks and cool marble stones to stimulate circulation and enhance the blood flow. Increased blood flow to an area clears out toxins and nourishes the area with fresh oxygenated blood. It creates alternating sedative and energizing responses in the client. It is a luscious experience of sound, scent, temperature and touch. Fee: 1 ½ hour session ~ $140


Weddings ~ I believe that your wedding day sets the tone for the rest of your life together. It is important to have a ceremony that is meaningful and true to whom you are individually and as a couple. I work with each couple to create a unique ceremony.

Baptisms ~ Welcoming a new being into our world is one of my greatest delights. I work with the parents to create a meaningful ceremony that includes the whole family.

House Blessings ~ Each house has its own personality as do we. Clearing out old energies and making space for new relationship is important to feeling "at home".

Life Ceremonies ~ Creating ceremonies for life transitions or celebrations can help ease the way emotionally through the experience.

Fee: Donation


Journey to the Spirit of the Drum - a playshop for anyone wishing to develop their creativity and intuition in working with their drum. This process involves shamanic journeying, guided meditation, an individual drum blessing and a drum circle. Prerequisites: experience in shamanic journeying and having your own drum.

Animal Totem Workshop - animals walk in harmony with the earth and each has its own unique gifts. Learn about the history of Animal Totems, how to connect with your personal totem animal(s) and how working with them can enhance your life.

Come to Our Senses - Co-facilitated with Rhonda Stern, Registered Art Therapist. Discover, develop and delight in your 5 senses through food, art media, movement, rhythm making and massage with aromatherapy oils. A fun and rejuvenating time!

Hummingbird House B&B

The Hummingbird Room ~ king size bed with ensuite bathroom (shower only)

The Peacock Room ~ queen size tempurpedic bed with the bathroom adjacent in the hall (shower and tub)

  • Keurig coffee pots in both rooms with homemade baked goods and fresh fruit.
  • TVs in both rooms.
  • Microwave and small fridge available.
  • Access to the backyard with a fire pit, water feature and porch swing.
  • WiFi

Price range $115/night off season to $165/high season

Address: 133 W. Whitehall Rd., State College, PA 16801
Phone: (814) 237-8450 - Email:

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